Reasons Why Men Obsessed On Sex

Sex was and will always be an interesting topic of conversation for men. They will appear excited and obsessed when talking about sex. This is certainly not without reason. You must be wondering why men are obsessed with sex. Well, here are five reasons why.

- Access special
Sex symbolizes that men are treated preferentially by women. To do with female target, he takes time and sometimes have to pass through many challenges. So, when talking about it would seem the passionate and full of curiosity.

- Symbol of success
Male sex is also a symbol of success, especially if he managed to satisfy his partner. His self-confidence could be higher than ever before. Especially if her partner threw a compliment.

- Sex is fun
Sex is a very fun and can be a comforter in times of stress. So, do not be surprised if the men often gathered to talk about sex and then laughed uproariously. That's because for them sex is a powerful stress reliever.

- Factor 'blue movie'
Men often watch movies or read pornographic books. Men are very fond of and easily visually stimulated. Therefore, if seen the contents of a laptop or DVD collection will be found a collection of pornographic movies. It was very fair, because if she thought it was only used for distraction or pleasure, the man makes it a necessity.

- The symbol of conquest
Men are naturally prefer to pursue than be pursued. He is also obsessed to conquer the challenge. For most men, women is a challenge that must be conquered. So when, managed to get a woman in full incarannya including sex with him then he will feel successful. Reason is what makes a man obsessed with sex.